Chimneys of Polson

     When we moved to Polson in 1993, the first house we lived
in had this beautiful chimney. Later we learned that during the
early days of Polson (1920's to 1950's) some masons had built
similarly unique chimneys but we didn't dwell on it at the time.

    Over the years, I kept spotting more of them here and there.
Eventually I became curious enough and thought that I should
go around town looking for them someday. Finally in the fall of
2021, I went on walks and bicycle rides to take pictures of the
ones visible from the streets, roughly within city limit.

     I made this web site as a first step to share my discoveries.
Click on the image below to view an album of 30 chimneys.

     I have seen many more chimneys from distance but couldn't
get near enough to take pictures. Who knows how many others
may be hiding behind buildings and trees.

     There seems to be a few distict styles. I don't know if this art
form is unique to the area. I don't remember seeing it anywhere
else. The only other example that I found on the Internet was in
Spearfish, South Dakota (see the last picture in the album).

     Are you the owner of a unique chimney or know of ones not
on this web site? Can you share any pictures of them? Can you
share any info about the builder or the history of any chimney?
Please email to