Murat Kalinyaprak
	None of us had any choice about the names of our parents nor the names they gave us. Most
of us like our names enough to not think about it much. Some of us dislike our names for various
reasons but don't change them also for various reasons such as respect for our parents, avoiding
legal and social complications, etc. while some of us change them for other various reasons such
as marriage, pursuit of certain careers, protection from anonymity, fresh start in life, etc.

	Short and common names such as "Jim Fox" may be easy to remember and be given over the
phone without needing to spell using phonetic alphabet words, save time filling and signing forms,
eliminate the need for short nicknames, etc. but may not have much personality on their own.

	Long and unusual names such as "Bartholomew Schwartzenberger" can be hard to remember
yet may make the person himself more easily remembered. They can make life a little more difficult
but much more interesting and colorful, by stirring curiosity to start conversations and introducing
to unique hobbies such as collecting envelopes with one's misspelled name.

	Below image sliders show about 120! misspellings of my name that I collected over the years. 

Both Names Misspelled

First Name Misspelled

Last Name Misspelled